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Making your special day even more special, for everyone.

Look to Exquisite Limousine Chicago for all the transportation you will need leading up to and including your wedding day. Why leave anything to chance. Arrange a special ride for all aspects of your celebration. Engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner and the wedding day itself. We will make sure that all your guests and participants are there on time.
Bridal Shower
Having your bridal shower at a great club or restaurant? Rent one of our Party Buses or stretch limos and make sure everyone is there on time. No more fumbling with gifts or party favors and finding a parking spot. Pick up and drop off services are available.
Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties
No one wants to be the responsible one at a bachelor or bachelorette party. Music and refreshments of your choice are ready and waiting for you. Our chauffeur can pick you up and drop you off, or you can block his time out for the night if you plan to hop from place to place.
Rehearsal Dinner
Rent one of our stretch limos or one of our party buses and get everyone to the rehearsal dinner at the same time. The introductions and fun start on the ride over. By the time you arrive at the restaurant, everyone knows each other and the dinner is off to a great start.
You know there will be a lot to worry about on your wedding day. Don't worry about your wedding party showing up on time. Rent one of our stretch limos (Chrysler 300 or Hummer) or one of our party buses and make sure they all get there when you need them.


Haga su día especial memorable.
Es su Quinceañera, o la de su hija. Una Quinceañera es uno de los días más importantes de la vida de una jovencita, y aquí, en Exquisite, nosotros realmente entendemos la importancia y el significado. Esto constituye una ceremonia cuando la niña cumple sus quince años para marcar su pasaje de niña a mujer, y para los padres es una introducción de la jovencita a la comunidad. Esta celebración solo pasa una vez en la vida. Exquisite Limousine le proveerá el mejor servicio de limusina y servicio de autobús para su fiesta a precios increíbles! Nuestras limusinas y autobuses de fiesta son únicos. Que mejor manera de celebrar el final de un capítulo importante en su vida con una limusina elegante y lujosa.
Make her special day memorable.
It is you or your daughter’s Quinceanera. A Quinceanera is one of the most important days in a young girl’s life, and here at Exquisite, we truly understand the importance and the significance. This constitutes a ceremony on a girl’s fifteenth birthday to mark her passage to womanhood. As for the parents, it’s an introduction of the young woman to the community. It only comes around once. Exquisite limousine will provide you with the best limousine and party bus service at unbelievable rates! Our limousines and party buses are one of a kind. What better way to celebrate the end of an important chapter in your life with an elegant and luxurious limousine.

Special Events

A night on the town, a concert, a play or a sporting event

A limousine or party bus can be that final detail that takes your next event to a whole new level. While renting a limo or party bus at Exquisite Limousine does make an impressive entry, it is also convenient and practical.
Whether it's your 21st, 50th or 80th, celebrate in style in one of our custom stretch limousines or party buses. Comfortable and safe, we can drop you off and pick you up from restaurants or clubs, or we can arrange an entire evening of event hopping.
Show that you've thought of everything. A special night deserves elegant transportation. An evening downtown, dinner and a show, we can be there for you the whole way, doorstep to doorstep. No hassles with parking. A quick call and where there when you're ready.
Concerts & Plays
Heading to Ravinia, to a play in the theater district or one of the many music venues around Chicago, we can get you there and back with significantly less hassle. Don't fight the traffic on a Friday night to downtown, or to Ravinia anytime. No more parking a mile away.
Sports Events
Trying to arrange a group outing to The Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs or Sox game? Save time and aggravation by renting one of our party buses and taking everyone down. You can watch the pre-game show on the way and start tailgating in comfort.
Night on the Town
Need a girl's or guy's night? Make it easy and way more fun by arranging a stretch limo or party bus for you and your friends. Bar hopping, no problem, rent for the evening and we'll make as many stops as you need to get the job done, or schedule a drop off and pickup.

School Events

Fun, Safe and Secure Limousine and Party Bus Professionals

There's no reason the kids can't have fun AND be safe. Renting a limo or bus for the kid's school events can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Make sure they get to and from the event without unscheduled or unnecessary stops. Remove temptation and entrust your children to the care of professional chauffeurs driving well maintained vehicles.
Prom is a special time of year for your high schoolers. The dresses, the tuxes, dancing and acting all grown up. Help them send off the year in style while at the same time giving yourself peace of mind that they will get to and from the prom safely.
Nothing screams school spirit like homecoming. Football rivalries, powder puff, chants, dances and hanging out with friends. It's a great time to get a group of your kid's together and send them off together to the biggest all school blow out of the year. With an Exquisite bus or limo rental, you can rest assured that the kids will get home on time.
Pride, joy, the end of an era and the beginning of a new one; Graduation, whether from high school or college, is the perfect time to send your kids off into the next stage of their lives in luxury and style. Renting a limousine or party bus from Exquisite Limousine is the perfect send off to their high school or college career.

Corporate Events

A Reliable and Controlled Environment to Transport Your Team

Getting your team from the hotel to your campus or off-site event can be a logistical challenge, while at the same time incurring unnecessary costs for cabs and rental cars. Take control of expenses and lead the team by renting one of our buses for the trip. With built-in audio and video systems, you can fire up the team while en-route to your campus. Refreshments can be provided to ensure everyone is fueled up and ready to go as well.
Need to get the team from a hotel to the meeting location or from the campus to the off-site? We can accommodate up to 25 people per bus, and we have multiple buses in our fleet. We'll work with you ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need on our buses or limousines to keep the atmosphere professional and productive.
Trade Shows
Have a trade show in the Chicagoland area? Arrange for pick up and drop off of your team. Our buses have plenty of extra room for your gear and give aways. We can also arrange for morning and evening refreshments on the bus to ensure the team energy is high.
Coordinating remote personnel flying in for training, or organizing off site training sessions for local employees can be challenging. We can help reduce that stress. With room for up to 25 per bus, we can provide excellent audio and video support to begin early.
Team Building
Don't lose any time during your team building day. Use the time getting to and from your venue to start and wrap up the day. We also have ample storage for anything you might need to hand out like shirts, binders, hats etc.

Chrysler 300C Stretch

10 Seats
Get the party started while you travel with 9 of your closest friends to your event. Weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthday, anniversary, prom, graduation, or homecoming, Exquisite Limousine will get you there in style. Not like other limos. Our Chrysler 300C takes aesthetics and design up a notch. With a chopped top look and baby Bentley front grille this limousine turns heads everywhere it goes. It's definitely not a run of the mill stretch limo. While the body is gorgeous, the interior is truly incredible. Treat yourself Chrysler 300C Stretch Limo Interiorand 9 more people to a wild ride. The surround sound stereo and 3 flat screen TVs will keep the music and entertainment going all night long. The seats are custom fitted and upholstered with luxuriously soft two-tone leather. The hidden lighting and fiber optics will add a party glow during the whole ride. While the refreshment area has built in holders for all your drinks.


22 Seats
For smaller events or parties, Frankenstein is the bus for you. It seats up to 22 passengers in comfort and style while at the same time offering all the amenities of our larger buses. Like the rest of our fleet, Frankenstein has custom music, video and lighting systems to the keep the ride interesting on the way to your destination. With limousine-style leather seating, everyone is in the middle of the action. Custom designed champagne and cocktail (rocks) glass holders mean your glass is where you left it and no one spills.

Hummer H2

22 Seats
This monstrous luxury SUV has a fully custom front end and 6 meaty off-road inspired tires to help it handle even the biggest and rowdiest of Chicago parties. Our Hummer “dualy” limo can comfortably transport up to 22 guests and is perfect for any event. Inside you'll find 4 bars, fiber optic ceiling lights, a private VIP area with its own TV and cooler separate from the rest of the cabin as well as 2 additional flat screens and 3 coolers strategically located throughout the cabin. The crowning glory: a fireplace! With neon lights guiding the way, this iPod/iPad ready Dual Axle H2 makes a splash no matter where it goes...

Mad Max

25 Seats
Sleek and unassuming on the outside, our Max Max party bus can comfortably transport up to 25 passengers in comfort and style. An excellent choice for Weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, trips out of town, sporting events, concerts, a night out or a golf outing. Mad Max offers many luxury amenities like plush black leather seating areas, crystal bars, stocked champagne and cocktail glasses with 2 coolers to keep your beverages of choice frosty and a fireplace to keep you warm. With refreshments in hand the party can get started. Like all our party buses, Mad Max has custom audio, video and lighting systems. With a 42” big screen LCD TV and a 21” LCD TV, DVD player, AM/FM stereo, CD player and iPod/iPad connections, Mad Max is fully equipped for whatever entertainment you plan along the way. After the party gets started, turn it up a couple notches with all of our onboard custom lighting. You can turn on a laser light show, 2 led poles, strobe lights, led dance floor, led lights on the roof to get everyone in the mood. And don't forget to have the driver turn on the under body led light kit to announce your arrival in style.


26 Seats
The newest additions to our fleet of party buses are Bella and Kit. Each can hold up to 26 passengers. They have 3 TV’s, 4 mini bars, custom sound systems, 2 removable poles, laser lights, rock and champagne glass holders. Bella is outfitted with custom leather upholstery in a very refined rich cream color. An excellent neutral backdrop when taking photos. Bella is the perfect bus for weddings, bachelorette parties and prom.


26 Seats
The newest additions to our fleet of party buses are Kit and Bella. Each can hold up to 26 passengers. They both have 3 TV screens, 4 mini bars, custom sound systems, 2 removable poles, laser lights, rock and champagne glass holders. Kit sports custom two-tone leather upholstery in midnight black with silver highlights. There's no mistaking a serious night on the town with Kit.


28 Seats
Our Rockstar party bus has all the refinements. With details like a wooden floor, two tone black-on-black leather limousine-style seating, champagne and cocktail glass holders throughout a built-in bar, cooler and fireplace, this bus will treat you like a rockstar. Boasting 6 flat screen TVs and state of the art audio and laser lighting you can get the party going in high gear. And if you want a bit of privacy, in true Rockstar tradition, this bus has custom window shades to keep out the light and prying eyes. Dim the lights, draw the shades and Rockstar can become your own private sanctuary.

Mr Bubbles

28 Seats
When you're thinking champagne, definitely think Mr. Bubbles. Bubbles isn't only for rides where the champagne is flowing, the “bubbly” theme is a lot of fun for everyone. But if it's going to be all champagne all the time, you need Mr Bubbles. With a wood floor and two-tone leather limousine-style seating, this party bus is the perfect choice for groups up to 28. Adding to the already fine tuned details, champagne and cocktail glass holders throughout, built-in bar, cooler and fireplace, this bus is the essence of a good time on wheels. Six flat screen TVs and state of the art audio and laser lighting will have everyone on this party bus in a bubbly mood. And if you want a bit of privacy, close the custom window shades to keep out the light and prying eyes.


30 Seats
Getting up to 30 people from one place to another can be challenging. With our Uno Party Bus it has never been more fun. Uno is the twin to our other party bus, Hera. Two LCD Flat panel TVs, custom sound system and built in fiber optic lighting with on/off party strobe and laser lights give you the option to create whatever atmosphere you'd like for your trip. Add in the bar, cooler, cocktail and champagne glass holders and you're ready for whatever the night holds. Uno is upscale as well with fine black leather couch-style seating and wooden floors giving your evening that additional refined touch.


30 Seats
Getting up to 30 people from one place to another can be challenging. With our Hera Party Bus it has never been more fun. Hera is the twin to our other party bus, Uno. 2 LCD Flat panel TVs, custom sound system and built in fiber optic lighting with on/off party strobe and laser lights give you the option to create whatever atmosphere you'd like for your trip. Add in the bar, cooler, cocktail and champagne glass holders and you're ready for whatever the night holds. Hera is upscale as well with fine black leather couch-style seating and wooden floors giving your evening that additional refined touch.


31 Seats
For professional and corporate events, our Voyager shuttle bus is just the right fit. The exterior of the bus is all business. With a bit of advanced notice, we can add your cling or magnetic signage to the shuttle to brand it for your company or event. The interior is laid out like a stock shuttle bus for maximum efficiency. Two rows of 2 seats with a row of 5 seats across the back of the bus. Voyager has an excellent sound system with CD player along with a single TV in case your plans call for introductions or training to start on the shuttle. Whether you are looking for transportation for a convention, team building, training or other corporate outing, our Voyager shuttle bus will carry up to 30 passengers to your event safely and comfortably.


Villas/Sanchez Party

Exquisite Limousine were super professional, on time and gave us the best customer service! If you want a stress free, don't worry about your limo service... Exquisite Limousine will provide that for you. Everything we expected and more. I will definitely recommend them for any event...my family and I will use them again, no doubt!

Samira's Wedding

Exquisite Limousine was great -- as a busy bride, I have to say, they kept the whole process of booking our transportation for the big day stress-free, easy, and free of concern. They're such pros that they took care of everything! I love that I knew I didn't have to worry about anything with them. I highly recommend the Exquisite team. They were on-time and efficient, fun yet professional, and they had an amazing selection of vehicles we could pick from. You're in good hands with these guys!

Monica's Wedding

Exquisite Limousine did a fantastic job providing travel for our wedding. They were always prompt to respond and pleasant to speak with. Our driver was super accommodating and very friendly. Most importantly, the driver was early!! The bus was beautiful, decorated nicely (not cheesy!) and clean. I would definitely recommend Exquisite Limousine....doing yourself a disservice if you don't hire them!

Jen P. and Tony

We discovered Exquisite Limousine as a David's Bridal Exclusive Limousine Service. They were BY FAR the most reasonably priced... It wasn't until after booking with them that we realized that we received an 18-person stretch Excursion that fit our entire bridal party!!! We were thrilled!!! They were on time, very professional and extremely reasonably priced... My husband booked a stretch H2 as a surprise for me for my Bachelorette Party and it was AMAZING!!! What a FABULOUS vehicle that was!!! Definitely a night I will never forget!!!

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About Us

Fun and Safe Limousine Party Bus Professionals

Exquisite Limousine Chicago was founded to fill a real need in the Chicagoland area. We are an owner operated limo and party bus rental company that prides itself on our quality of service, reliability and professionalism. With a With a complete fleet of sedans, limousines, stretch limos, stretch Hummers and full fledged Party Buses, we are the one stop shop for your special event transportation needs. We own and operate all the vehicles you see on our sites. We have enough vehicles and chauffeurs to ensure that we can meet your schedule and exceed your expectations. Wedding, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Birthday, Anniversary, Prom, Homecoming, Corporate Event, Concert, Sporting Event or just a special evening out on the town, we have the right vehicle and chauffeur to fit your particular event. Our vehicles are custom built and outfitted with all the accessories to take your ride up a couple notches. TVs, multi-speaker stereo systems, accent lighting, leather upholstery and built-in refrigerators and refreshment areas are all at your disposal. Take your party on the road, and arrive in style.

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Fax Us @ 224-404-6906 | Email: info@elclimo.com

10% DISCOUNT when you visit our showroom in Arlington Heights, and book your party bus or limo during your visit!

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